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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Any Suggestions?

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** Community Guidelines: 2. Verify before you trust. Question before you believe. Speak but listen. Study the work presented; do your own homework; and reach your own decisions. We offer what worked for us but no one here can guarantee it will work for you the same way or at all. Test before you jump. And never follow anyone unless you are fully aware of your rational and risk behind any trade you make. And please, never trade with money you cannot afford to lose! ** Community Guidelines: 3. We use different ways to analyze the market but rely significantly on Technical Analysis to time our trades and investments. While short-term investors, or swing and position traders will reap most of the benefits of TA, long-term investors can and should use it as well to increase their return and reduce their risk. Also, if you are not familiar with Technical Analysis or dispute its validity, this place is one where you can start learning or verify the accuracy of your beliefs regarding TA.
** Community Guidelines: 4. Always challenge the group’s findings when necessary! Just make sure to always explain your reasons and rationale, and provide supporting data as much as possible. Emotionally motivated comments or unsupported opinions should be avoided. Never trade on emotions or offer them to others!
** Community Guidelines: 5. Everyone is entitled to believe and express their opinions in a respectful way. The level of our tolerance to those who disagree with us will prove the level of our convictions. Add, build, make a positive difference, or keep your peace. Written communications unlike the face-to-face, have their own challenges. Before taking any comment personally, ask for clarification. If you must still express a grievance, please directly address whoever offended you in their blog or only through “private messages” in the lounge. Don’t get everyone involved with your complaint. Our only hope is that those who disagree with us treat us in the same way we treat them.
** Community Guidelines: 6. Freedom of sharing also comes with it responsibility to respect every member and their limited time: ** Hateful or disrespectful comments to any person or group of people will not be tolerated. ** Vulgar or offensive language has no place here either. ** Avoid responding to unfounded, irrational or unjust comments. Avoid defending others, the community, or the work we do. It’s futile and consumes precious time, energy, and space. No exceptions will be made. This community is a place for positive and productive communication. It may not offer everything for everyone but it will offer something for a lot of people and is intended to center on what we share in common rather than any personal differences. The open-minded see the truth in different things and the narrow-minded see only the differences. Be an open-minded person!
** Community Guidelines: 7. If we missed your question, please ask again. We try to answer as many questions as we can but can’t always give an immediate response. Come back later and you’ll likely find the answer in the same blog or chat room “the lounge” where you asked it. Some Technical issues with the lounge may delay your posts. Please, be patient
** Community Guidelines: 8. This community is “collectively self-moderated” to keep us focused and productive. During market hours, unrelated market comments such as unnecessary social chats should be avoided as much as possible. You can come after 4PM or on weekends for such chats. During that time as well, all other guidelines still apply. Educational and market related comments are welcome ANY time.